Aza s.  -  Asia

Aza is a man whom God has raised up to evangelize and plant churches in a part of the world that desperately needs to hear and believe the gospel.  When Aza came to Christ as a young man living in a mostly Muslim country, he had a burden placed on his heart to share the gospel with those around him.  He and his wife have devoted their lives to serving God in this part of the world where they face much opposition,threats and hostility.  Aza has a bachelor of theology degree from a Baptist college and is the pastor of his local church.  He serves there with his wife and  3 young children.  This church Aza started with 8 people has grown to over 60 members.  He is ministering in 5 different areas and has planted churches in 4 of these areas.  Many Muslims in these areas, who are the poorest of the poor, are coming to Christ.  He meets weekly with the leaders of these 4 churches to equip them in the Word of God.  Aza has a bible study in his home once a week and preaches in 2 other churches as well.   Aza's wife assists the church in serving as the leader of a new children's ministry and in the Women's and Sunday school ministry.


Prayer needs:

For Aza as he ministers to those who are desperately in need.

For the Lord to provide funds for Proclaimers for Aza to use in evangelism and discipleship classes.

For Aza as he begins mentor groups in each of the locations he is ministering.

For the continuing development of a strong youth ministry.

For peace between nations in this troubled part of the world and the safety of all people.