Join us on Dec 24th @ 5PM

Christmas is a time of remembrance. And yet it seems that between the hassle of juggling normal life with the added responsibilities and pressures of the holidays—our minds are constantly thinking about the “next thing”rather than “the thing.”

Christmas is a time for family. But with everyone’s schedule pulling them in a different direction—getting the family in one place at one time during the holidays is hard to come by…if not impossible.

Christmas is a time to worship. It’s a time to focus not only on the fact that Jesus came to this earth—but why He came! And yet, past Christmases are probably all the proof we need that good intentions don’t always translate into genuine, heartfelt worship.

And it’s for those precise reasons we invite you to be a part of  our Christmas Eve Candlelight service. It’s a time that has been designed for families to come together and be able to focus their minds on the reason Christ came—and to worship Him! 

We hope you’ll plan to join us at Grace for a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.