issa & abi haddad  -  middle east

Issa and Abi are missionary partners with our church.  Raised in the Middle East and trained in the U.S, Issa has returned to where he was raised with his wife Abi to plant a church. Their passion and calling are to the Muslim people.  Pray for their protection and faithfulness in this spiritually needy area.  The current prayer needs include intercession for the unsaved families they are witnessing to and that their four, newly adopted children will become a blessing to all in the church and will adapt to their new culture.

The following is February 2019 update of their ministry: 


The church plant is going well. The people are growing spiritually with their walk with the Lord. There are some new helpers with kids ministry that began to help Abi with Sunday school. We are connected with many unbeliever families and keep reaching out to them through visitations, church trips, activities, and VBS's. There are some hurdles and struggles as well. We are struggling as a church financially. The giving of the people is so low that we are barely able to support the church's on-going activities. We also struggle with someone to play the piano on Sunday. I am playing the guitar, leading the songs, and preaching every Sunday. It's okay for now but we pray that the Lord will send us people to help with the ministry.

VBS 2019