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Yuksel was born into a Muslim family in a middle eastern country and raised to be a strong Muslim boy. He did not find peace and joy in Islam. After many trials as a young man, a Korean missionary gave him a New Testament and he began reading it, which led to his Christian conversion.  After healing from an illness at this time, Yuksel knew that he could not keep this wonderful news of salvation inside.  God put a strong call on his heart to share the Good News with everyone he knew (Muslims) around him.  He later became an elder, preacher, and evangelist of a church in his native country. Since those early days, Yuksel has been to many parts of the world, evangelizing, starting churches, and discipling converts, focusing on those with a muslim background.  He attended a Bible college for 3 years in his native country.  Yuksel and his wife Dijle moved to the United States in 2009.  From 2012-2018 they lived in Houston Texas where they had a ministry to refugees and Muslims. In August 2018 they moved to Colorado and began serving an ongoing ministry of evangelism to refugees in Eastern European countries, visiting 2-4 times a year to train Muslim back ground leaders and to do street evangelism. There are hundreds of thousands of  Muslims in these countries. Yuksel and his wife are also serving locally in Colorado to reach the International Students and Muslims in the area. Other aspects of their ministry include annual training/fellowship camps, providing materials (Bibles etc.) and being available to the Muslim back ground leaders for training and counseling.  Yuksel and Dijle were married in 2001 and have two children, a boy and a girl.

August 2019 newsletter

Greetings in the name of Jesus.

Dear friends/partners, hope all is well with you. We are good and getting ready for the new school year. Sammy is going in to 6th grade this year and he is really excited.  Kayra is starting community college near where we live and she is also learning to drive. 

Cubs to Lions conference was challenging in different ways but God really showed himself and turned the challenges in to blessings.  I, (Dijle) was able to teach and serve the whole week and God really encouraged me in different ways. I was able to see my weaknesses and strengths in teaching to Muslims. I was also very encouraged and humbled how God used me for these wonderful people. I felt the hand of God in my life and realized ministry to Muslims can only be done with His love and Grace. We had 10 new converts and including our daughter Kayra, 3 Muslim girls had a great experience knowing God in a deeper level. I was encouraged to study and prepare more in deeper level teaching of the word of God especially to Muslims. Unfortunately, there aren't very many Christian from Muslim back ground, women teachers. 

First, The World Ministries Conference also faced a lot of challenges.  Some of you may not know that we are taking the gospel to one of the largest language groups in the world.  Out of the 82-85 million people there are only 5-8 thousand believers. Gathering these believers for a conference was a first step to change this fact. 

Yuksel and I have been calling people, encouraging them to come but many that said they would join changed their minds.  We had a small group of 23, and 9 of this number were children. We did not have enough money to rent a place, help people that can't afford to come, or even feed everyone for 4 days. Worry tried to take over before the conference but Yuksel and I believed God was encouraging us to, no matter what, take a step of faith and make this conference happen. Thank God for opening doors and allowing the guests to stay at the dormitory, and we had plenty of food and wonderful teaching, prayer time, and fellowship the whole conference. Being a small group allowed us to spend quality time and pray for each other. We also spent time planning for how we can do ministry together to reach more of these people. We decided to start a house church in their states and ask God to multiply these believers. The outcome with no money and a small number was better than we expected. God takes a seed and grows it. That’s exactly how it happened. 

Praise Reports:
-A very successful and spirit lifting first conference. 
-Cubs to Lions conference and 10 new believers from Muslim Background. 
-New believers wanting to serve the Lord and house churches starting in 3 states. 

-We had wonderful friends visit us from overseas, Washington and Houston. Thank God for family in Christ. 

-In the month of August our prayer was to meet more Muslims near us. God sent us about 10 people and many Muslims; some are students, some are working here.  Most of them are here for short term. Praise God for answering prayers. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Yuksel is leaving to eastern Europe in September. We are still looking for tickets but approximately we need $3000.
  • Kayra is starting community college this fall, please pray for her government financial aid to be accepted and for her to find a job and be able to get a car to drive to school.
  • Sammy is starting 6th grade. He is anxious and excited. Please pray for a great school year and teachers that are believers or at least not anti-Christian. 
  • I am going to overseas in October for ministry and a conference, Please Pray for God to Provide the funds that are needed. 
  • Please pray we are able to shine the light of Jesus for the lost people.
  • Please pray for Celine (believer) she has a brain tumor and needs surgery soon. They need $60000 for the surgery. 

  • As we serve and grow in the Lord, we learn how little we know and how much we need to grow in knowing and loving Him. May HE lead us all in HIs love and truth. May HE pour out His Grace over us as we learn to walk the path of faith and shine His light. 


2 Corinthians 12:9

9 And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore, most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.


Yuksel and Dijle Kurada 



Dearest Prayer Partners

How are you? What a month we had. God has been taken us from one place to another physically, spiritually and emotionally. It is not possible to fit all the things happened in one email. We will try to give you a glimpse of the miracles we witnessed . 
We had a short world tour as a family and each and everyplace we went we were able to share the love of God with wonderful people. 
       Beginning of June on our way to Greece we flu to Rome and had a long layover. As we tried to make the best out of it we started meeting turkish people on the roads and were able to witness/ drink coffee and spend time with 3 families. 
       After Rome we went to Greece and spent a week in Thessaloniki area and did a prayer walking and seeing future ministry possibilities in Greece. As some of you know our vision is to start a leadership training center in Greece/ Bulgaria and we were trying to see if God was in this vision. God gave us many opportunities to meet wonderful people and we became good friends and was able to share the gospel with them. We were invited for dinner at their homes. Met wonderful people and spend hours in to the late nights sharing Gods love, and bringing love and forgiveness between Greeks and Turks. We also met many turks in Greece and was able to talk with them about Jesus. Greeks were very loving and welcoming towards us some of them even told us that we are greek now as we are Christians. Their way of saying they accept us in to their culture. 
       After Greece we were in Beirut Lebanon for Horizons Global Summit. It was one of the best blessed time we had in a long time. Being a part of a global ministry that we share the same heart and work together all over the world bringing the good news to the lost is a privilege. ( We had so many middle eastern countries represented and God was smiling on us.
       We were invited to share at 2 Armenian and a Kurdish church . God really moved and there was a great break trough in both churches and in our hearts. If you knew how much hatred is going on between the turkish and Armenian, Kurdish and Greek nations for many many years it was an amazing picture to see Gods kingdom come on earth in love and forgiveness.
         The Kurdish Church was full of Syrian Kurdish refugees from the border of Turkey and there was a lot of heart broken people that were hurt by Turks. The Pastor of the Kurdish Church told us that they hate Turkish people and as a Turkish if we could stand and apologize this would bring reconciliation to many . Nothing should stop us from bringing Glory to God and we did as God lead us and there were a lot of tears and hugs and after the reconciliation we had a big party and dancing. We visited many homes and prayed with the refugees and led some of them to Jesus . As they were praying to accept Jesus I could feel the angels singing and dancing. One family that had been trough a lot really shook us and we asked their permission to record a video so we can share it with you. Please pray for them and watch the video here https://youtu.be/qk8OLrRV1Rg
This video will show you Juma the bling boy in the pictures below and their story.

There are many testimonies, miracles, stories took place in this short time of 22 days. 
I tried to add several pictures to show you a few of the wonderful people we met and ministered. 

Lastly on our return home we had another 10 hour layover in Copenhagen and as we walked out of the airport we were so tired and ready to get back home. We didn't want to talk or minister anymore we just wanted to rest. But guess what that wasn't Gods plan (Halleluya His love for people is so great that He makes impossible possible) As we left the airport and walked to a gas station the first person we met is a Turkish man. What are the chances ?  He tells us to cross the bridge and there is this small cafe. He says its owned by turks and we should go there. Little we knew it was a gathering place for all the turkish taxi drivers in the city. Half a mile from the airport and there were about 25 turkish people all come and go one by one and all hungry for the word of God. They come and say hi and ask what we do and Yuksel shares the gospel and they leave. As we got on the plane to come home our hearts and spirits were rejoicing but our bodies were so tired. God did it . He moved the hearts of the nations and brought Glory to His name over and over during this trip. In spite of us and our weak bodies He made His name known . 

Please pray for all these and many more wonderful people in the pictures. 

Prayer requests;
- Dijle is teaching 3 days at the Cubs to Lions July 8-12. Please pray for Gods strength and wisdom so i don't speak but He speaks trough me. There will be amazing teachers that will teach please also pray for them. ( An amazing conference for new  muslim back ground believers.) http://www.engagingislam.org/events/cubs-to-lions-usa
- Turkish World Conference August 1-4 . We have many people coming from all over the United States and we were not able to raise the needed funding for it. We Trust God to do it and bring every need together. www.horizonsinternational.org/twm
- Keeping up with the people we met/ministered and helping them grow in the Lord. We are constantly talking with them trough Whats app and phone to keep them encouraged and pray for them. Sometimes we spend many hours on the phone with many people and it is difficult as we also do counseling for many of them. (People from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, USA and now Praise God Beirut)
- We took a step of faith and went on this mission trip before raising the financial support. Please Pray we will be able to pay the expenses and the needed Funds will come as we trust God and He leads His children. 
We love you and May God Bless each and every one of you . 
If you are led by God to financially partner with us, please click to give button select Give and select Yuksel and Dijle Kurada under staff.
We love you and we are thankful for you and your prayers. 

3 families we visited and prayed with. For some reason children that has never seen us before loved us and all wanted hugs . Hope God will use these families for His kingdom one day.
Praying and leading People to Jesus is the most wonderful gift on earth. May God keep them in His hands. Juma came and touched us all one by one and wanted us to held him. He put his head on my shoulder and didn't wanna move, when we had to go he didn't wanna let my hand go. He cried and asked us to stay. My heart broke and i wanted to bring him home with me. Please pray for them and watch the video. 
First two pictures are speaking at the kurdish church and after me in tears on Georges Houssneys shoulder crying out of joy.The last two are a few of the wonderful people we met in Greece and Denmark and became good friends .