What is Divorce Care?

    • DC is a Christ-centered ministry, which helps divorced and separated individuals, as well as people whose marriage is in difficulty, through their time of crisis.
    • DC is designed to help people in our church and people outside our church.
    • DC does not encourage divorce. It is designed to help those who have been hurt by fractured and broken relationships, encouraging them to reconcile, whenever possible.

What does DivorceCare do?

  • DC helps churches grow by leading people to faith in Christ.
  • DC provides us an opportunity to build relationships with people, and to welcome them into our church family.
  • DC helps our church to minister to many people at the same time.
  • DC leads to healing, and at times, to the restoration of marriages.

Why is DC a ministry of Grace Church of Napa Valley?

  • Team members know what DC did for them in their time of distress and greatest need. We want others to know that they can be free from the bondage of despair.
  • Loneliness leads to loss of hope, to bitterness and to anger, to feelings of rejection and shame, and to fears for the future. Feeling alone while dealing with daily exhaustion can be devastating. People are comforted when they experience the ministry of caring people in the DC ministry.
  • We know God loves us and that He wants His church to share His love with those in need.
  • God wants His church to grow. He wants people to come to know Him and to worship Him. DC can help introduce people to Christ, and many become His disciples.
  • The daily workbook, including daily Bible reading and journaling, are instrumental in healing, drawing participants into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • DC works. It began nearly 40 years ago. God has been working through DC, and many people are experiencing tangible results in their lives.

How can I get more information?

Please contact the DC Ministry leader, Jim Gonsalves at  jimgons19@reagan.com  , for any of the following reasons:

  • If you would like more information about DC
  • If you are a member of Grace Church of Napa Valley, and you would like to join the DC ministry team

How can I join a DC group?