M28 (standing for Matthew 28:19-20) is a discipleship ministry of Grace Church designed to equip Christians to love Jesus, and to love Others, in all of life (Matt. 22:37-38). We will learn to be informed worshipers of Christ, who are empowered by Him, as we believe and follow His Word, and as we take the Gospel to all who do not yet know Him (Gal. 2:20).

Current Classes - Sundays at 8:45 am

  • Living the Word = “Authentic”

    Authentic faith, authentic hope, authentic love… But also, authentic life, power, service, wisdom, and more. As Paul instructed the Corinthian church through his letters, he taught about that which is truly AUTHENTIC. Come study the letters of Paul to the Corinthians with us as we seek to better understand how to live an authentic Christian life.


    Taught by Don Doehla in classroom 303 in the Ministry Center


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  • Discovery 101 membership class

    Are you interested in becoming a member of Grace Church? If so, you will need to take

    this five-week class, to become more acquainted with our core-faith statements, and

    what the benefits and responsibilities are for membership. 

    Taught by Oscar Otero and Gary Stewart in classroom 302 in the Ministry Center, starting on February 17th, and finishing on March 17th.

  • ecclesiastes, the way of wisdom

    Many people are shaken by life’s events, looking to the world for fulfillment, and thinking that planet earth is designed to meet every felt need. Many think that the government, the workplace, and even the church have failed them in their pursuit of happiness. In traveling the path of this life, many say, as the Preacher in the book of Ecclesiastes does: “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” Is this really all there is?

    As we study the book of Ecclesiastes, we will discover how to answer some of life’s hardest questions:
    • How do I handle depression, discouragement and anxiety?
    • Is God with me in the hardest times?
    • How do I know that life is really more than it seems?
    • Where is Jesus when I need Him most?
    • How can I find wisdom to get through every day?
    • Why am I even here?    
    Come find out what the Preacher has to say as he explains that true wisdom leads us to the One who is the Way of Wisdom, Jesus Christ!

    Taught by Kevin Shea in the Fireside Room beginning on February 17th through March.

  • past classes materials:  Speaking in Love 

    Taught by Pastor John Fernandez, Fireside Rm. 1/6-2/10.

    A class to discover God’s plan for loving marital communication and conflict resolution.

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M28 Discipleship consists of 6 categories of courses

1) Life-changing Theology

Increase your love for God, and your trust in Him, by understanding what He

is like, and discover the amazing things He has done.

  • The Nature of the Trinity
  • The Glorious Person of Christ
  • The ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • What it means to be the Church
  • How God saves sinners
  • The Return of Christ
  • The Importance of Missions

2) Caring Apologetics

Love others by giving to them God's answers to their hard questions.

  • Creation vs. Evolution
  • Since God is love, why is there so much brutality in the OT?
  • Why does our loving God allow suffering?
  • Are homosexuality / gender fluidity sinful?
  • Is Jesus the only way to heaven?
  • Are there errors in the Bible?
  • Doesn't science prove that the earth is billions of years old?
  • If God is love, how can He send people to hell?
  • How does the truth of the Bible compare to the claims of other religions?

3) Loving families

Discover God's plan for joyful marriage and fruitful parenting.

  • Understanding God's plan for your marriage.
  • For Men: overcoming temptation and resentment. How to understand your wife and love her unconditionally.
  • For Women: Overcoming insecurity. How to understand your husband and love him unconditionally.
  • How to repair hurts, build trust and bless your spouse.
  • How to shepherd your child's heart to God.
  • How to discipline effectively
  • Biblical training tips for raising toddlers, teens, and everything in between

4) Supernatural Christian Living

Learn how to live the Spirit-filled life.

  • Overcoming anger and resentment.
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety.
  • Overcoming selfishness
  • Reflecting Christ in your communication
  • Learning to trust God, and to live joyously in the midst of trials.

5) Eternally Significant Living

Learn to share the faith with others, and help people who are hurting or suffering.

  • How to explain the Gospel.
  • How to reach neighbors for Christ.
  • How to biblically counsel hurting people.
  • How to serve in the church.
  • How to make an eternal difference with your giving. 

6) Understanding the Bible

To understand and apply the Bible to all aspects of life. These courses

will be on-going studies of whole books, or sections of Scripture, based on themes, or simply significant sections of the text. We will learn to interpret, to study, and

to apply the texts of Scripture. Examples include the following:

  • How to study, interpret, and apply the Bible
  • Individual Books or Sections of the Bible
  • The big story of the Bible
  • OT Survey & Chronology
  • NT Survey & Chronology
  • The Poetry Books
  • The Prophets
  • The Writings of Paul
  • John’s Epistles
  • And More!