M28 Discipleship

M28 Discipleship: Sunday mornings 9:00 AM

These classes are designed to assist all of us (new & maturing Christians) in our daily walk with Christ, to increase our understanding of Scripture and recognize how it applies to our daily lives. Equipping adult believers for faithful, effective ministry to their families and others is our desire. Childcare is provided during this hour.


What is M28 Discipleship?

The aim of M28 Discipleship is to equip the saints of GNV to Love Jesus, and to Love Others, in all of life. We also seek to ensure that our community is filled with worshippers of Christ, who will take the Gospel to all who do not yet know Him. Plan to make M28 Discipleship a part of your Sunday morning personal growth plan. Join us as we study the Lord’s Word together.  



M28 Discipleship has three course strands


A) Living the Word

— To understand and apply the Bible to all aspects of our lives as faithful disciples of Christ. These courses will be on-going studies of specific texts of Scripture, whether whole books, or sections of Scripture, based on themes or simply significant sections of the text. The people of GNV will learn to interpret, to study, and to apply the texts of Scripture for themselves with the help of the Holy Spirit and good tools. Examples include the following:

• Authentic — Studies in Corinthians

• The Sermon on the Mount

• The Parables of Jesus

• The Book of Ruth

• Selected Psalms on a theme – such as the Psalms of Assent


B) Seasons

— To equip the saints in practical living as faithful disciples of Christ. These courses are shorter in nature (2 or 4 weeks each), and focus on practical living as disciples of Christ. 

Examples of these courses include:

• Finances

• Marriage

• Parenting (at various stages of a child’s development, and sub-themes such as

discipline, discipleship, etc.)

• Overcoming sin (including sub-topics with specific foci: dealing with anger,

depression, discouragement, anxiety, bitterness, etc.)

• Communication

• Work (including how to honor your boss, how to honor Caesar, etc)

• Learning to Trust in God in trials and struggles


C) Ministry in Action

— To live out what it means to be the Church as faithful disciples of Christ. 

Examples of courses in this category include:

• Evangelism

• Discipleship

• Worship

• Prayer

• Serving in God’s Church (includes humble service, body life, and spiritual gifts)

• Areas of doctrine as they become obvious we need to address them

• The Bible and Evolution

• The Bible and Human Sexuality

• The Ministry of Hospitality

• Topics in Apologetics – Giving an Answer for your Faith



Current Classes


Living the Word “Authentic”


Authentic faith, authentic hope, authentic love… But also, authentic life, power, service, wisdom, and more. As Paul instructed the Corinthian church through his letters, he taught about that which is truly AUTHENTIC. Come study the letters of Paul to the Corinthians with us as we seek to better understand how to live an authentic Christian life.


Taught by Don Doehla in classroom C in the Ministry Center


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