ranjan n  -  Asia

As a missionary partner with Grace, Ranjan has a passion for the Lord’s kingdom in his homeland in Asia.  He leads, trains, and ministers to pastors of small churches, home fellowships, and mentor groups.  His ministry is seeing rapid growth.  There are now 19,000 believers in 104 churches scattered throughout persecuted areas of his home region.   Ranjan has a team of five pastors who coordinate ministry  in this region of unreached peoples including  evangelism, church planting, preaching and leadership. He has five more men trained and ready to step intoleadership roles to expand the gospel into other groups. They each oversee 20-27 churches in districts spread out over hundreds of kilometers.  Ranjan and the pastors have done a great job of completing  a meeting hall and a training center which can seat 300 as well as completing phase one of a water project facility. Ranjan and his team have started 15 churches in the slums of a major city.   Pastor Ranjan and his wife Shanny (pronounced ‘Sonny’),  have a daughter Dream (14) and son Loving (9).   Pray for this dear brother and his family in the poor and troubled areas where he serves.  Also, be praying about the monetary crisis in their country that is  impacting the well-being of their family and various ministries.


 Their strategy and vision.  Ranjan and his team of pastors, call their ministry ‘The Senders Union” and their goal is to:

Start churches in every one of the remaining 58 unreached people groupsand districts throughout their region. They have currently reached 12 previously unreached groups.  

Reach 50,000Hindus for Christ by 2020.

Evangelize.  Go cold turkey into unreached villages giving them physical help to display Christ’ love.  Offer to pray for their sick.  Seek at least one key person to come to Christ and then start a bible study in that home, and as new believers invite their friends to come, others are saved.

Start churches.  The believers who come to Christ are formed into churches. Ranjan’s team of pastors travel long distances to evangelize, preach, start and strengthen churches.

Train a hundred more pastorsto lead a hundred plus new churches that would be started.  The pastors mentor faithful men, giving them the basics of doctrine and how to study and preach.  He is using the SOS materials from Grace and other materials. He is asking that we send him more training materials including bibles (about $4 each) and proclaimers.

Their prayer needs:

A training center centrally located out in the villages.  Now only some of the village pastors can come for training and conferences in the home location.  They lack the funds or time to travel that far.  God has provided them land along the main highway centrally located in the area of the villages.  The cost to build a training center including meeting hall; dorms and a kitchen is $30,000.

Avehicleto take pastor coordinators and supplies out to the village churches. The distance to the far villages is 400-600 kilometers, too far for motorcycles.  Cost for a used vehicle is about $8000.

 Seven motorcyclesfor the new Coordinating pastors to travel to the villages to start churches.  Cost: about $1,200 per motorcycle - Total $8,400.

Complete phase two for Living Water Project.  This is top priority as it would enable them to bottle smaller and more bottles, providing larger profits thereby freeing up an additional 30-40 pastors to minister full-time. Phase one is complete and should be operational within 2 weeks as soon as the city completes the transformer and turns on the electricity.   Phase one will provide income for about 20-30 pastors.  Cost to complete Phase 2: $35,000

Support for the 5 Coordinating pastorsso they can minister full-time.  The living water project will supply their living needs. They need about $150 a month for ministry needs, travel expenses, etc.  Cost: $750 per month for all pastors or $9000 per yearto support all five pastors.

More training materials such as SOS.

More regional conferences taught by Johnto encourage and train all the pastors and encourage all the churches.

A home for Ranjan. He currently rents and has had to move nearly every year. A home would provide free lodging for guests and pastors from overseas.  Cost to build, including land: $35,000.

     Bring Ranjan and his wife and two children to Grace next September.  Action Coalition may help with travel costs.  They would attend the Exalting Christ Conference.  Lord willing, Ranjan would speak and introduce his ministry to 200 pastors and leaders at the exalting Christ Missions dinner.  Cost: $2500.



Greetings in the name of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your help and sending funds for the repairing of the widows center,

destroyed by the huge cyclone. We are highly grateful to the Church for the funds. We have started the work to rebuilt the widows center. We need your prayer more.

Ministry is moving well through many challenges. The new Government are always against the Christians. They call us minority group and always persecute us for the gospel shake. But no one can stop the gospel of our Living God. The underground ministry is going on. Pastors and mentors are working with many challenges Mainly we are focusing on soul winning. We were working with 3 people groups, but now Lord has helped us to work with eleven people groups. Thank you for helping us in the ministry. Thank you for your love and support. We thank the GRACE Church for loving us, helping us to expand Lord's Kingdom. Thanking you again.

Humbly in Him.