karl  & glyn peterson  -  south africa

Karl & Glynn Peterson serve the Lord in both the United States and in South Africa, Mozambique, and Angola.  Karl is now an Elder at the Parker Hills Bible Fellowship church in Denver, Co., as he continues ministry in Africa.  Karl is a professor at the Bible Institute of South Africa.  He has a significant role in teaching and training leaders for the African church.  Our church helps support the Fiel pastors conference in Nampula, Mozambique, one of Karl’s major ministry projects during the year which has been held on for 20 years. Karl is trying to establish a second conference in Angola, where there is no serious Bible college or seminary in the capital of eight million people.  They are blessed with six children (two are adopted Africans); four at home and two in college).  Pray  for the Lord to provide for family and ministry needs.    


Many thanks for your kind gift of $2,000 for our ministry needs. We are grateful to you and to the Lord for this provision and for your vision for the growth of the church in Africa. 


We are very excited about our upcoming pastors conference in Mozambique where we will have four days of ministry centered around "The Gospel-Centered Pastor". This will be a timely theme as we remind the church in Mozambique about the centrality of the gospel in our ministry and how to live out its implications.


Thanks again for this generous gift.


Yours warmly in Christ,

Karl Peterson



Praying friends,


In these prayer letters, we often only talk about our Africa work:

  • Teaching online and in-class at the Bible Institute of South Africa, and
  • Coordinating our church leadership conference in Mozambique throughout the year.

But in these prayer letters, we almost never mention our need for prayer for our “beyond Africa” ministry. But we need your prayers for this also.

  • Pray as I serve as one of four elders at Parker Hills Bible Fellowship in the southeast Denver suburbs and the multitude of responsibilities this entails.
  • Pray as Glynn has an extensive ministry of encouragement to women in our church – young moms, older sisters, and many in between.
  • Pray as I lead the elder/leader training class in our congregation – a monthly meeting of six potential leaders going through a curriculum on eldership training.
  • Pray as I superintend and teach the adult Bible education ministry, which we’ll launch in January – lots of preparation for that now.
  • Pray for the two home Bible studies that Glynn and I lead – these “care groups” provide the front line of shepherding care for our congregation.
  • Pray for a Gospel Foundations class which I’m currently teaching for unbelievers and new believers.
  • Pray for us as elders as we spend a lot of time in one-on-one mentoring of men in the fellowship.



Thanks for your prayer for this work, which is far beyond our limited abilities.


Family updates:

  • Elsa’s Silas turned 6 months and is a bundle of cuteness.
  • Cole’s applying to accounting firms now that graduation from Denver University is in sight.
  • Sonia is thrilled with her new position on the student government council at the Bible Institute of South Africa with one year to go before graduation.
  • Two months in, and Lael loves college life at Cedarville University in Ohio.
  • Phil now works full-time as a Dodge Ram mechanic apprentice – close to heaven for him!
  • Johanna endangers our family by bringing home boxes of leftover Dunkin Donuts from her new job there – we enjoy living dangerously!

Thanks for your prayers and love!

Karl & Glynn Peterson


PS  Please pray as I speak at the Fall Conference at Christian Missions in Many Lands in New Jersey in two weeks.