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Karl & Glynn Peterson serve the Lord in both the United States and in South Africa, Mozambique, and Angola.  Karl is now an Elder at the Parker Hills Bible Fellowship church in Denver, Co., as he continues ministry in Africa.  Karl is a professor at the Bible Institute of South Africa.  He has a significant role in teaching and training leaders for the African church.  Our church helps support the Fiel pastors conference in Nampula, Mozambique, one of Karl’s major ministry projects during the year which has been held on for 20 years. Karl is trying to establish a second conference in Angola, where there is no serious Bible college or seminary in the capital of eight million people.  They are blessed with six children (two are adopted Africans); four at home and two in college).  Pray  for the Lord to provide for family and ministry needs.    

july newsletter

Dear friends,


It’s so great to be back in Africa!


Today I had a good talk with an African taxi driver from Zimbabwe.

He asks me, Where do you work?

I respond, I teach at the Bible Institute of South Africa nearby.

He probes, You are a teacher of the Bible, but do you really know God?

I love Africa – where the ‘natives’ worry that the missionaries know the Lord! The gospel is alive here.


Pray for my month here in South Africa and Mozambique:

July 8-12        Teach a short-course on Old Testament Prophets at the Bible Institute of South Africa in Cape Town.

July 13           Teach a seminar on 2 Peter for around 90 church leaders Saturday morning in the low income Khayelitsha neighborhood of Cape Town.

July 14           Preach in Cape Town churches morning and evening.

July 15           Fly to Nampula, Mozambique.

July 16-19      “Fiel” church leaders conference in Nampula, Mozambique with the theme “Church Planting from the Book of Acts”. I coordinate the teaching sessions and will teach 3 of the 20 teaching classes. Our main speakers are from Zambia and Brazil. We expect around 350 attending – one of our largest conferences yet.

July 20           Teach a Saturday morning seminar for a number of churches in Nampula.

July 21            Preach in a church in the town of Murrupula, an hour south of Nampula.

July 22-24       Participate in a post-conference preacher training seminar.

July 25-29      Travel north by bus to the city of Pemba to be with Zambian missionaries Chris and Sue Lukanga and minister in a number of settings.

July 30            Return from Mozambique to Cape Town

August 1         Preach in the student/faculty chapel at BISA on the “Duty and Dangers of Knowing God” in their Attributes of God sermon series.

August 2         Return to Parker, Colorado.


Pray for:

  • Strength, stamina, safety, on-the-spot wisdom needed in different situations.
  • Edification to those being ministered to in the varied areas of ministry.
  • Good teamwork among the many of us who organize the Nampula conference.
  • That we’d be able to obtain our Mozambique visas without problem.
  • Glynn and the kids remaining at home with many family duties and activities.


“In all things by prayer and supplication, let your requests be made known to God.”


Karl Peterson


April 2019

Praying friends, 

Thanks for praying for my recent trip to Angola, Africa. 

Three of us missionaries met in the capital city of Luanda and spent six days meeting with church leaders, preaching in churches (in the photo below), listening to local missionaries, and teaching a leaders’ seminar. Our aim is to replicate our work in Mozambique, which the Lord has immensely blessed over the last 20 years. Our focus was to establish the Pastors’ Library Project and training conference in collaboration with Brazilian evangelical publisher, Editora Fiel.

This was a very productive trip for an important ministry and we sense a clear open door to take the next step with this work. 

While in Africa, I spent two weeks back at the Bible Institute of South Africa – teaching in class, teaching in a church leaders’ seminar, preaching in Cape Town churches, meeting with numerous former students who are in the Lord’s work there, and spending delightful time with our Sonia in her second year at the college. 

Please pray for Mozambique as it recovers from the recent devastating Cyclone Idai. I’ve read that 80% of the city of Beira was severely damaged and hundreds lost their lives. We’ve been to Beira a number of times and church leaders from there participate in our literature and conference ministry. 

Please pray for:

  • The development of the important literature and conference ministry in Angola;
  • The African students in my two online courses at the Bible Institute of South Africa;
  • Our daughter, Elsa, due to give birth in a week with our first grandchild – we’re excited!

Thanks again for your prayers and love for Africa.


Karl Peterson

February 16, 2019

Praying friends at Grace Church of Napa Valley,


Today I’m on my way to Africa for three weeks. I’ll be in Cape Town, South Africa and Luanda, Angola.

Would you please pray for the following?

  • Two of us missionaries will be in Luanda, Angola (another Portuguese-speaking country) for five days, laying the groundwork for a future church leadership training conference like we have in Mozambique. Angola is an important country in the Portuguese-speaking world and we are eager to see as much blessing there as we’ve seen in Mozambique over the last 20 years. We’ll meet with church leaders, missionaries, Bible colleges, preach in churches, and hold a seminar Saturday morning Feb 23rd. Pray for a successful beginning to this important work. Grace Church has been so faithful in sponsoring the Nampula conference over the years. We’d love to see this now branch out to Angola. Pray toward this!
  • In Cape Town, I’ll be teaching a preaching class at the Bible Institute of South Africa. I’ll also teach a church Saturday morning leadership seminar in the school’s satellite training program in one of the city’s gangster-ridden neighborhoods – very near to where Pastor Mario Mannenberg serves, whom you know. I look forward to preaching in a couple of Cape Town churches as well. Pray for blessing and safety.
  • Also in Cape Town, I’ll meet with a number of my former students, who are now serving in churches. Pray as I encourage them in the great work they are doing.
  • And I look forward to spending time with our daughter, Sonia, who studies at the Bible Institute!
  • Pray for Glynn and the kids back in Denver with their many activities in school, church, and family.

Thanks for your prayers and love for the church in Africa, including your gift last month of $625 toward our Nampula conference ministry.      

Karl Peterson

January 2019

Below is our monthly prayer letter.   

Note my mention of my trip to Angola next month. Angola is another Portuguese-speaking African country. Our prayer has been that we'd be able to develop the same conference ministry that we've been doing in Mozambique for 20 years now (thanks to the generous sponsorship of Grace Church). I'll meet up with another missionary who coordinates these conferences, we'll meet with pastors, hold a brief seminar, give out some good books, and seek the Lord for opening a pastors' conference there soon. Do pray for this.

As always, we are grateful to the Lord and to your for your support of this conference work in Mozambique.


Praying friends: 

Leaders for God’s church – in Africa or America – aren’t born; they’re grown.  That’s driven our work both in Mozambique and South Africa. So at our church here in the Denver area, Parker Hills Bible Fellowship, we as elders have begun a Ministry Development Class to grow future leaders in knowledge, character and ministry skills. A dozen gifted guys and gals from ages 22 to 81 now meet monthly to talk about gift development, missions, eldership, and serving the church in general. We couple together Alex Strauch’s new online  School of the Shepherds with our own in-house material to challenge their heads, hearts, and hands. I can’t wait to see what two years together with this great team of servants produces for our congregation and for world missions.

Please pray for:

  • The Ministry Development Class that I’m coordinating at Parker Hills Bible Fellowship.
  • I’m speaking seven times at Camp Elim’s high school youth retreat next weekend on the theme “Pressing On”. Pray as I prepare my talks and as the Lord prepares hearts.
  • Glynn “spiritually mothers” quite a number of younger women in our fellowship. Pray as she encourages and counsels them.
  • I travel to South Africa and Angola February 15 – March 9 to teach, preach, and begin preparation for a new church leadership conference in Angola. Pray for safety, strength, and blessing to God’s people in Africa, as well as for Glynn and the kids as they remain at home.
  • Our daughter, Sonia (below with Lael), returns to Africa this week to resume her studies at the Bible Institute of South Africa in Cape Town. Pray for her continued flourishing in her studies of God’s word. We’ll miss her terribly!


Thanks for your ongoing prayers for our work in Africa and in the USA.


Karl & Glynn Peterson