nonilo & feli sanchez  -   southeast asia

Nonilo & Fely Sanchez serve God in the Philippine Islands, through various ministries, including a mobile school of theology & ministry and a theological seminary, which exist to equip pastors with the tools for teaching & preaching God’s Word, and also providing ministerial training in any educational and cultural context of the local church in various provinces throughout the islands.  God has richly blessed & used this ministry.  Pray for their continued fruitfulness, and for personal health & strength through their heavy ministry demands. 


update from nilo

My wife and I are here in the island of L. for two weeks. Tried for the first time to teach hermeneutics, expository preaching and centrality of Christ all as one subject to our Pastors and Church leaders in the area. I told them they are my "guinea pigs". 


The Lord blessed our time together. They enjoyed and learned fast how to "accurately handle the Word of truth". They will come back Monday. O that God will send out men who will herald His glory without counting the cost, not easily distracted by the inticing noise and glamour of the world! (Wanted to do this all over the island equipping as many men as God enables this old man.) Appreciate your continued support particularly in prayers.


We are excited and prayed with rejoicing for the opening of your seminary in August. God's method in reaching out the world are men red hot in their love for God and restless until Christ's glory is proclaimed, honored and worshiped by sinners turned saints!


The burden to train men lays heavily in my heart. Coming January 2019 I will be focusing in our seminary extension in the L. Island, particularly based at our mission’s sites We have facilities ready for holding regular classes. Please pray for God's provisions not only of needed financial and material resources but for God raising up the men to be trained, equipped for the work of ministry. (This will also coincide our aim at starting classes in January at our Tribal Bible Institute in South C. headed by our seminary graduates from the tribes).


Coming up here in B. will be a big transition for me and my bride Fely. Need your prayers for us recognizing more graying hairs are coming in our heads and that of getting slower: simply old. But the joy of the Lord is our strength!


O how short the days are and there's so much that needs to be done. Let us work while it is still day. Night is coming when

no one can work... Love you all.


Pastor Nilo

Nonilo Sanchez has a desire is to plant churches where the Doctrines of Grace are taught from the very beginning. Grace Mobile School of Theology and Ministry (GSTM) and Sola Gratia Theological Seminary exist to teach these glorious doctrines to the whole body of Christ in their country, with a view to begin reaching out to the Muslims with the gospel Nonilo founded Sola Gratia Ministries, which focuses on equipping pastors with the tools for accurately preach and teach the Word of God. The GSTM Mobile School provides a solid biblical, theological and ministerial training in any educational and cultural context of the local church in the islands of the Philippines. 

Nonilo and the new leadership team consisting of other teachers travel to various provinces, bringing training right to where the people are. In the last two years, God has raised up Sola Gratia Theological Seminary, where Nonilo concentrates most of his time and ministry, while still overseeing the mobile training of pastors through a team of equipped teachers. The Leadership team which is taking on more responsibility as Nilo turns over some tasks is Ruben C. Business manager; Amiel the director; Ruben C. dean and mobile school; Hywell who is the dean of the Sola Gratia College and Mary L. the administrator and principal of the new school for children. The newest project is the building of the new campus for Sola Gratia for the T’boli tribe in the mountainous regions of the country. Nonilo and his wife, Fely, have four children.