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Nonilo & Fely Sanchez serve God in many Southeast Asia Islands.  Through various ministries, including a mobile school of theology and  ministry and Sola Gratia Theological seminary, men are equipped for the ministry of teaching and preaching God’s Word.  In recent years the gospel has reached remote tribes of over one hundred thousand people through the extension of this ministry. A new seminary opened in a tribal area in January 2019 and construction of more classrooms is underway as of the Spring of 2019.  Pray for continued fruitfulness for Nonilo and Feli and for personal health & strength through their heavy ministry demands.

Nonilo also founded a church planting ministry called Sola Gratia Grace Alone International, Inc. with the goal of training and sending missionaries to many “unreached” people groups in the island nations in this part of the world.  Nearly 40 churches have been planted with over 700 men having been trained.  God has richly blessed and used this ministry.

Nonilo has begun to delegate some of the leadership responsibilities of this fast growing ministry to a new team of leaders he has trained and mentored.  Please pray for wisdom for these new leaders.   

Noniilo and his wife, Feli, have four children and 10 grandchildren.



sola gratia ministries

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

We would like to share our joy with you as the Lord in His mercies is making us able through your prayers and partnership, to continue with the building project in our Inter-tribal Bible School.




News and Prayer update

Beloved brethren,

Greetings from the land of promise, the Island of M.

Together with three first year seminary students, a pastor and my dear wife Feli, we traveled from the Campus to S. City which is 190 kilometers away. I was scheduled to teach the Panoramic View of the Doctrines of Grace to a group of Pastors and Church leaders. I cannot help but think that it’s been 6 years since the last time I visited the area to teach and recalled that there were about 30 pastors and church leaders who graduated from our Mobile school since. Haven’t heard much what was happening to them during the period. So I was excited to see some of them this time.

Upon arrival we were met by a young couple who traveled from C. City to attend our class together with 4 seminary students from the Town of A.  We were directed to a 4-story dormitory building, newly constructed, of which the first floor was set up for the class. (We were housed in the same building, obviously the first occupants of the rooms provided). Meals were served for every body for free the whole duration of the class. The one who was behind all the preparations was J. J., a graduate in our Mobile School and some “unknown” ministry partners that are businessmen.

As students begun to fill in the room, I can recognize some of them as having attended our previous classes way back then, but majority were new faces. As it turned out, when the more than 20 people gathered shared some of their backgrounds, they were products of Bible studies conducted by our graduates who longed to learn more of God’s Word hence the invitation for me to come. (The number could have been doubled but the teachers and college students were having graduation programs during that week.) I asked them if they associated themselves in a local church but majority responded negatively. They tried joining a Church but with Christ-less sermons, and man-centered messages they quit. (They have my preaching in a USB that most of them listened to and grew with the teachings.  They were trying to find solid preaching of the Word from the Churches around but came out disappointed. ) Their cry? Start a Church in the City as they felt the urgent need to belong to a growing and Word-strong “Family”. The owner of the building committed one room to the family of the Pastor and gave the whole fourth floor for Church functions and services for free. (We will be sending a couple for a month to work in the City beginning first week of May and hoping God will burden them to work in the place.) GOD INDEED IS BUILDING HIS CHURCH!

Last April 16- 19, about 200 Youths came for our Youth Camp. I preached every night and the day’s activities were graced by the S. G. new leadership.  Such a blessed time to see young men and women from all over  the island fellow-shipping  and feeding on the Word of God. God’s Word never came back to Him void.

H., a problem child in the community was persuaded by his two friends to join them in attending the camp. He was so full of energy and been the center of the attention of many. After the camp, come Sunday, he came to the Church service and shared how God moved in his heart and shared what he learned to his grandma and uncle who “adopted” him. He was warned not to continue studying the Scriptures, much more attend  C. Bible Church.  He cannot be stopped. Now he is under pressure and told to leave house if he continue his desire to know more of the God in the Bible. He went to Pastor H. L. and told him his predicament. But he is not giving up his faith and was willing to be an outcast if need be.  We prayed for him and encouraged you to pray for him too.

Beloved, thank you for upholding us in your prayers and considering us worthy of your continued support. It’s a long way to go…to spread the glories of Christ to these islands and beyond!  O that we learn the discipline of perseverance and be found faithful to the very end.

I am renewing my US visa and hope to come with my wife to visit the States in September this year to mid-October. We would like to attend the Exalting Christ Conference first week of September. It’s always a source of spiritual refueling for us. Being there we also hope to touch base with our ministry partners and given the opportunity, to share the Word, and what God is doing here in the Islands; to present to you opportunities of partnership in a widening ministry of the Gospel. (We are praying for God’s provisions for our travel needs.) We are looking forward to be a source of encouragement to many as we ourselves is encouraged by you.

In Him,

Pastor Nonilo

I had the privilege of conducting the first class in our Inter-tribal Bible School in South Cotabato second week of January. There were about 15 students who were so hungry to learn God's Word and be trained to become effective SERVERS. On January 14, together with 3 other Pastors we drove for 3 days (taking twice ferry boats) from the Seminary in Mindanao to Metro Manila for a mission outreach. We will be here until February 25. The objectives? Serve our 4 Churches here in Luzon and explore how best we conduct seminary classes in our extension campus at Guiginto, Bulacan, at the same time laying down the ground work for an aggressive Mobile School outreach in the Luzon Provinces. (Am teaching a series on THE GLORIOUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR daily for two weeks in Bulacan and another 2 weeks in Cavite before conducting a couples retreat where my wife will come to teach with me before we drove back to home in February 25.) In the midst of these schedules we planned a series of visits to different key places seeing Pastors and Churches willing to host Mobile classes. Our target date of coming to work "full-time" here in Luzon with be after the Pastor's Conference in August.  Maybe by Mid September I will be relocating here in Bulacan to personally oversee the work and in the next 3 years, God permitting, hand-it over to another "faithful men". So much work to do but so little time to do it. But who can discount what God can do if we trust Him? In the first place this is His work and we are just favored to be invited to participate in what He is doing. O that we can be found faithful to the end!

Please pray for these endeavors. With God nothing is impossible! Missing you all. 

Your co-servant,  Pastor Nilo



March 25, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I would like to ask for apology as I am not able to communicate about the update regarding the fund you sent to Inter-Tribal Seminary in South Cotabato.
The Lord is worthy to be praised because the Seminary started on the January 2019 and the classes are still going on until March 22, 2019. The whole April is a month break, then we will proceed on May to July, then on August another break, then resume on September to November and December is another break. That is our yearly schedule. As of now we have 8 students regularly attending the class, while some come and go, depends on the course they want to take.
Regarding the funds, we have spent some of it for the initial building. This building is now being used as a quarter and a classroom. Since the construction of the first building was on progress, we were able to finish it on time when the funds from you came. We did not expect to receive a bountiful amount from you, so when we got it we decided to go on with the next phase of building the Chapel. Now, we want this chapel to have a concrete post – so the delay. Delay because we need to prepare the road going inside the Seminary campus so materials can go directly. And also there is classes going on, we do not want to disturb the students. But now we are working on it. We went to the campus last March 21 – 22, 2019. We told the one we put in-charge (Pastor Arnel Umangay) to start buying the materials so the construction could start immediately. I hope we did not in anyways send you doubt as to our integrity regarding the handling of funds. Thank you for your prayers and understanding. All for the glory of God.