Vanensio & Eddy bamwitirebye  -  uganda

Vanensio Bamwitirebye is the pastor of Bundibugyo Community Worship Centre in the Bundibugyo district, a region on the border of Uganda and  DR Congo devastated by fighting and HIV/AIDS that left many people displaced, widowed and orphaned.   After training and teaching at Westminster Theological College with Emma Kiwanuka, God gave Vanensio a burden to plant a church among the Bundibugyo displaced people. He shared the vision to a number of leaders including Geoffrey, Smith, Robert, Jacob and Deo. After time of prayer and fasting they planted the church in 2002. The church Vanensio now pastors is one of the 15 churches planted in their district.  God has allowed the church to minister and teach in Hospitals, Jails (prisons), to the nearby pygmies, and to the poor and afflicted of Bundibugyo.  The ministry is also involved in the training of local ministers to faithfully preach the gospel and make disciples.  

There are many diseases that are particularly prevalent in this region of Uganda such as Cholera; Ebola and Malaria. In response, they opened a Malaria clinic to serve the community. Please pray for the great outreach of this evangelical ministry as they sponsor Youth Camps; Evangelism outreach and Marriage and Spiritual Conferences within their churches.  His wife Eddy helps raise their seven biological children and more than eight orphans.

Recent prayer requests from 2019 include:  Prayers that the Lord may open a financial way to build Grace Community Worship Center that I pastor and planted at the site where the famous EVIL tree was standing.  The need to buy a piece of land and put a temporary structure at the most newly planted church at Nyakakindo village called Nyakakindo Community Worship Centre in Bundibugyo.  And, for God to heal my family, mostly Victor and Frank who are always sick. 

Prayer Need November 2019

Good morning all of you Servants of the Lord.  I just received this very serious email from our pastors in Bundibugyo:  "Greetings to you mzee Tom. Hope everyone is doing well.  As per the heading of this urgent email, am here to inform you that Victor and your son Pastor Vanensio are both admitted at Buhinga Referral Regional Hospital. Victor to day was admitted in critical condition as well as his father. The ministry needs your prayers for the quick recovery of Victor and his father."
This is very serious news.  Vanensio has been very ill for over a week. Victor has been suffering from his Sickle Cell for months.  Victor has been such a joy to his father.   
Please spare a little time praying for both of them.
 If you have any questions please contact me.   
Tom Johnson - Uganda Coalition of Northern California Churches and Two Southern California Churches

Letter October 2019

Dear brethren and parents in the faith, I am very grateful to share with you of the goodness of God I have seen in fulfilling in my life. While I was serving with Emma as his teaching assistant as well as his youth pastor in Zana-Kampala, God laid on me a burden of leaving the City of Kampala so that I can come home in Bundibugyo and do two things for Him, God who was sending me;

1-Plant Bible-focused, gospel-centered, Mission minded and Spirit-filled Churches. Churches that will go out for the lost souls and help the orphaned and other vulnerable children of different categories.

2-Train men who are full of the Spirit into expositors of the glorious truth of the Word of God.

At the time of this call in the year 2000, I had no good understanding, strength, and courage to do the two above. But because the conviction was real, I obeyed the CALL and left the fancy in the City to begin these two activities in Bundibugyo. Having been joined by men like Geoffrey, Smith, Happy, Jacob and other men who has been mentored by the said men under the support and guidance of Emma and all our partners under the Coalition, am happy to report that the two parts of this vision are going on well, even the Local training of men that was struggling to begin began under GBI. The number of those who want to be trained under GBI increases every training session including charismatics and Pentecostals. Since we are still at the embryo stage of this Institution pray and stand with us so that we can turn this into both regional and international training Institution. Thanks for being part of this glorious work taking place in the Western remote areas of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thanks for partnering with us. Some of the photos for the finished classes of GBI are attached bellow. God bless.

Pastor Vanensio.

Founder and Team leader,

Community Worship Center Churches.

Letter from Sept. 20, 2019

Dear all, greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It has been a long time before I communicated to some of you dear parent, friends and brothers in this glorious ministry partnership. 

On behave of ministry and family truly this year has been a challenging one; most of our the members our 16 Churches lost most of their pieces of land and home properties to the tragic rains, storms and landslides that seriously hit and continuing to hit Bundibugyo.

At family, the effects of the accident continue to affect us; as  some of you know that one of us in this Accident passed away and left a family, it has now become another responsibility to take on to see that the children go to school. This was not a pass time ride we were going to bury a member of our Church. My right leg has serious been affected by this accident I cannot freely walk as I used to do visiting Churches on bikes and other times on foot. Now days when I use  a motor bike, I begin to be afraid feeling I’m going to be knocked by speeding motorbikes on the road. That is why a ministry van is now a ministry need.

Recently  I have lost my maternal Aunt who came to stay with me because all she had was taken by rain and Landslide. Today as I write this email we are nursing Victor at Bubinga private hospital, he was very Anemic and his blood pressure had gone down as lower as 40. My son Frank is down for more than a month by KIDNEY challenge which he got when he was knocked by a speeding motor bike and that day he almost past away.

It has been a year of troubles, big spending on the outcome of the Accident , Burials expenses, medical bills and unprepared school fees attachments.

Regardless of all these Storms of life, I see myself and I hear Jesus talking to me :" VANENSIO YOUR MORE THAN A CONQUEROR"...My Lord God telling me " Be strong and Courageous, I will never leave nor forsake you". The struggle for Faith continues. 

Great things still are happening here The 16 Churches are growing in numbers and in the knowledge of who God is and what he has done in His historical redemptive plan. More places are demanding me to lead a team to go plant Churches in their places mostly now the mountainous areas of the Rwennzori. I’m ready to take on this glorious assignment to the mountains. I only pray that this problem of my leg should not affect me.

Some of the prayer requests that has been answered are;

-Nyakakindo Church has got land and we have a shelter on that piece.

-We also have Busengelwa with its own piece of land and we have a shelter on it.

Prayer requests that are not yet answer and we are eagerly waiting from the Lord for the answer are;

 -Funds for the construction of Grace Church in particular.

 -Funds for the ministry Van.

 -Piece of land for the School of Theology and funds to buy theological text books and some support to those teaching with me at the theological school.

Not forgetting prayer request over my Visa. Wishing you well.

Yours, Bamwitirebye Vanensio.