emma & allen kiwanuka  -  uganda

Emma Kiwanuka is the pastor of Zana Community Church in Kampala, Uganda which was planted in 1997. This church is mission-minded and committed to Biblical teaching as taught from a reformed point of view.

In 1996, Emma founded Westminster Theological College and Seminary with the purpose of training church leaders and Christian teachers in Uganda and Africa at large — especially in the reformed churches. The college has students from Uganda, nine other African countries, and even  from as far away as the Philippines. Emma also oversees a farming project and Fish Ponds that feed over 600 Children with sustainable farming at the Zana Christian school and Community Children's Center, which he and his wife run. They minister to hundreds of Uganda’s orphans through programs that are dedicated to educating, developing character,  meeting their physical and emotional needs, and pointing them to Christ.  These programs include sharing the Word of God with the people in their homes where  these children are living. They let them know that God and His people care about them personally, about their struggles, and about their spiritual life. The Zana Church is also planting churches within their community to reach Ugandans for Christ through discipleship and training. Many have given towards this ministry that honors God and Christ.

Emma was born in one of the poor parts of Uganda to Roman Catholic parents and came to know the Lord while attending high school in 1980. He faced persecution, but the Presbyterian Church in Uganda took responsibility for him until he came to study on scholarship in the United States at Reformed Bible College in Michigan. He graduated and went back to Uganda in 1986. His mission started with church planting and training church leaders until the Lord opened a door for him to attend Westminster Theological Seminary in California for Graduate Studies (1994-96). Emma also received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Miami International Seminary.  He and his wife Allen have three children.


recent newsletter

Dear friends,

Greetings to you all in the very name of our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus  Christ.


We are almost getting through the first quarter of the year of ministry and service.  Our family is ever grateful to you all in joining us to fulfill the call he placed upon our hearts and shoulders.  Allen and the boys are well.  The church and college are progressing through many challenges from within and without.  Zana Christian Schools are prospering and we are encouraged to see the impact of the gospel upon these little ones.  The Lord has also blessed our farming efforts to supplement the school food expenses. We are grateful to God for touching some of our friends to provide Zana Schools a specious kitchen and eating stand.  Let me try to highlight a few challenges and prayer needs. 

  • We have lately been facing serious attacks from the denomination because of changing our sign post and erasing the title Presbyterian. We did it due to our testimony. We have very little history of Presbyterianism in our country thus making it difficult to defend ourselves from the accusations brought against us as a church with liberal inclinations including non biblical practices like homosexuality.  Pray for us as we go through this. We remain a Bible believing church preaching the doctrines of grace as recovered by the reformers in the sixteenth century.
  • The Lord has brought new students Westminster Christian institute Uganda and we constantly observe reforms as they study the word. We are always facing statements of encouragement when a student says “ what have I been teaching all these years, or I wasted all those years without understanding this truth and all I needed is to come here for just a semester to get this truth right…”on and one they go.  That is why we exist as our Motto goes “ Training for Gospel transformation”; We still desire your prayers and support to finish the library building now that we have little space for all of our students to do their research work. 
  • Pray for the rains in our country, we have planted seed but have limited irrigation capacity to water the property the Lord provided for this ministry.  Please plead to the Lord for us as we also do.
  • We still request support for our students tuition. Some of them travel from other countries with little resources yet we they have to survive but this also affects the daily running of the institute. Please pray as you considered joining us in your continual support for our efforts.

With that having said let me wish you all the blessed new month of April as we all look forward to Easter.


God bless you all


Emma and Allen from Uganda 

a note from emma

Dear partners


I don’t know how to thank you all for the trip you made to Uganda to boost our farming efforts. We can now rejoice and thank the Lord who brings the increase. Today we loaded two trucks of watermelon for the school.  We estimate that we harvested close to three hundred watermelons.