emma & allen kiwanuka  -  uganda

Emma Kiwanuka is the pastor of Zana Community Presbyterian Church in Kampala, Uganda which was planted in 1997. This church is mission-minded and committed to Biblical teaching as taught from a reformed point of view.

In 1996, Emma founded Westminster Theological College and Seminary with the purpose of training church leaders in Uganda and Africa at large — especially in the reformed churches. The college has students from Uganda, nine other African countries, and even includes a student from the Philippines. Emma also oversees the farming and Fish Ponds that feed hundreds of Children with sustainable farming. Emma and Allen his wife run the Zana Community Children’s Center. They minister to hundreds of Uganda’s orphans through programs that are dedicated to educating, developing character, and meeting the physical and emotional needs of the village’s needy children. By offering them Health; Education; Nutrition and Salvation. Their programs include sharing the Word of God with the people in the homes where each of these children are staying. They let them know that God and His people care about them personally, about their struggles, and about their spiritual life. The Zana Church is also planting churches within their community to reach Ugandans for Christ through discipleship and training. Many have given towards this ministry that honors God and Christ.

Emma was born in one of the poor parts of Uganda to Roman Catholic parents and he came to know the Lord while attending high school in 1980. He faced persecution, but the Presbyterian Church in Uganda took responsibility for him until he came to study on scholarship in the United States at Reformed Bible College in Michigan. He graduated and went back to Uganda in 1986. His mission started with church planting and training church leaders until the Lord opened a door for him to attend Westminster Theological Seminary in California for Graduate Studies (1994-96). He and his wife Allen have three children.


a note from emma

Dear partners


I don’t know how to thank you all for the trip you made to Uganda to boost our farming efforts. We can now rejoice and thank the Lord who brings the increase. Today we loaded two trucks of watermelon for the school.  We estimate that we harvested close to three hundred watermelons.